Juha Hurme: Finland

Welcome to the party in the centre of the universe called Finland!

Author: Juha Hurme
Finnish original: Suomi
Publisher: Teos, 2020
Genre: Literary fiction
Number of pages: 480 pp.
Reading material: Finnish original, English sample, English synopsis

According to one particular chronology, it is the nineteenth century. The bards Lönnrot and Lyyti start writing and throw together the national epic Kalevala. Consequently, some nationalist minds start concocting a cluster of ideas called Finland.

A reckless potpourri of various streams of thought, historical rascals and voices unfit for the canon are wreaking havoc in the Grand Duchy of Finland the forests of which are ringing with sound, as a few old fogeys are hell-bent on turning the Nordic backwater into an independent and wealthy nation.

Finland is Juha Hurme’s sixth novel, conjuring up some two hundred years of recent history, warts and all. An amalgamation of natural scientist and artist, the author spins a story based on truth and lore, and the end result is an incredible, slightly barbed but certainly entertaining story about a small Nordic country and its curious people. Hurme’s previous novel Headland (2017) sold over 70,000 copies and was awarded the Finlandia, the largest literature prize in Finland.

Finland is at the dead centre of the cosmic fart bubble. The data is measured in Jaala, Porkkala, Nuorgam and in the cafe of a service station in Länkipohja. The aforementioned petrol station is not, however, the centre of the universe – we arrive at the same result from any fixed point in the universe. Each observer has their own universe in the centre of which they appear to be having a cup of coffee.

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About the author:
Juha Hurme