Anni Kytömäki

Anni Kytömäki (b. 1980) was trained as a nature surveyor.

Kytömäki’s debut novel Goldheart  (2015) was nominated for the Finlandia Prize and Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize, and it was awarded Gummerus’ Kaarle Prize. Goldheart  also received the Torch-Bearer Prize, given to the Finnish title with the most potential to succeed abroad, and it won the bloggers’ best book of the year award, Blogistanian Finlandia.

In 2017, Kytömäki published the bestselling and critically acclaimed Stone Weaver. Margarita is her third novel. It won Finlandia Prize in 2020.

(Photo: Liisa Valonen)

Margarita (2020)
Stone Weaver (2017)
Goldheart (2014)