Eeva Turunen: Ms. U Reminisces about Her So-Called Relationship History

Peculiarities and neurotic observations of every-day life constitute the humorous episodes of the awarded debut.

Author: Eeva Turunen
Finnish original: Neiti U. muistelee niin kutsuttua ihmissuhdehistoriaansa

Publisher: Siltala, 2018
Genre: literary fiction
Number of pages: c. 180 pp.
Reading material: Finnish original, English sample
, English synopsis

Miss U’s relationships are colourful. There is the boy who refuses to eat anything red; the boy who names his bands after mystical elements of nature; and the boy who has a bathroom full of yellow rubber ducks. Which one will Miss U choose?

In Eeva Turunen’s debut, the characters’ neuroses, weaknesses and eccentricities result in vivid encounters. Some of the relationships involve same-sex or ambiguous gender pairings, but the essence of the stories is loneliness, the search for a connection, and the building of a personal identity. Turunen portrays difficult, shameful emotions sensitively and with humour. She has an eye for weirdness.

“The comic, gentle irony makes the characters’ worlds emerge with style.”
–Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

“Eeva Turunen’s debut operates with powerful, original language and crosses genre borders with ease.”
–Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize jury

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About the author:
Eeva Turunen