Anna Härmälä: Postcards from Grandma Flyaway

A charmingly curious travel book for small children!

Author: Anna Härmälä
Swedish original: Kort från Farmor Flyttfågel

Finnish original: Postikortteja mummi Muuttolinnulta
Publisher: S&S, 2018
Genre: Illustrated Children’s Fiction
Number of pages: 32 pp.
Reading material: Swedish original, Finnish original, English translation
Rights sold: Turkey, Dinozor Cocuk | Ayrinti Ayinlari

The little bird Chirp has always lived at home in his nest with her mother and her father. Grandma Flyaway sends her granddaughter postcards from exciting places on her migratory travels: the street cafés of Paris, the beaches of the Canary Islands, Greece, Thailand, India, Mexico… Will Chirp ever dare to fly away from her home forest into the big wide world?

This inventive and light-hearted book tells the story of a journey around the world in postcards. Looking at the details of the postcards, children and adults together can try to guess where Granny Flyaway will travel next! Grandma’s postcard messages include funny greetings and little morsels of information:

“Bonjour mon cheri Chirp!

I flew here from Paris on Wednesday. What a lot of beautiful buildings there are here! To be honest I am quite beside myself. Yesterday I went to a café and ordered macaroni. I was so hungry. And then the waiter arrived with a tiny violet pastry – it looked just like a hamburger! There was a terrible row when we argued about whether or not it was macaroni.”

About the author:
Anna Härmälä