Mirjam Lohi: Secret of the Rose

Love, humour and secrets of the past in the second Mrs Suominen Arranges title!

Author: Mirjam Lohi
Finnish original: Rouva Suominen välittää 2 – Ruusun salaisuus
Publisher: Teos, 2019
Genre: fiction, mama-lit
Number of pages: 256 pp.
Reading material: Finnish original, English sample, English synopsis

Sointu Suominen is getting her new career as a real-estate agent going. There aren’t quite as many clients as there could be, but on the other hand, isn’t tea-drinking and solving little mysteries also nice? And perhaps Sointu could start to work with her marriage too?

When Sointu’s elderly acquaintance Alma moves into a retirement home, Sointu ends up helping her in dealing with the sore events of her past. There is a gentleman that needs to be found who once shook Alma’s life. And there is a book that needs to be returned to its owner – a book, which was left unread with fateful consequences.

Slightly muddle-headed but big-hearted in all her actions, Sointu soon ends up tangled in the relationships of more than one people…

Secret of the Rose is the second stand-alone novel in Mrs. Suominen Arranges series that started in 2018 with The Case of the Risen Dough. Each volume has love, humor and a tender suspense – and a mystery plot connected with love.

“Mirjam Lohi’s narration is colourful and fools around a bit. It leaves the reader with a purr of happiness.”
– Kirjavinkit blog on The Case of the Risen Dough

“After all the international crime the world needs local exoticism and tangled relationship between people. The florid and humorous narration is chuckling at all manners of posturing in front of others. It replaces goals and productivity with tea and sympathy. Fortunately, The Case of the Risen Dough is first in an entirely new series of books it truly leaves its readers a warm feeling.”
– Turun Sanomat newspaper on The Case of the Risen Dough

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The Case of the Risen Dough (2018)

About the author:
Mirjam Lohi