Malin Klingenberg

Malin Klingenberg (b. 1979) is a Swedish-speaking author from Finland who has so far written six books of The Senior Squad series: Patrik and The Senior Squad (2010), Irene and the Moneyhoover (2013), Fake Bernice (2015), The Fantastic Alfredo (2016), Rakel’s Miracles (2017) and The Magnificent Senior Match (2020)

The Fantastic Alfredo was awarded with Runeberg Junior Prize in 2017.  In 2018 Klingenberg published her first young adult title, Elk Girl, that has received wide critical acclaim. The Secret Life of Farts (2019), illustrated by Sanna Mander, was Klingenberg’s first rhyming children’s book.

Here you can find a short interview with the author from our series, which will give you an even better picture of her works.

(Photo: Karolina Isaksson)

The Secret Life of Farts (2019)
Patrik and the Senior Squad (2010)
Irene and the Moneyhoover (2013)
Fake Bernice (2015)
The Fantastic Alfredo (2016)
Rakel’s Miracles (2017)
The Magnificent Senior Match (2020)
Elk Girl (2018)